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Married... With Children (1994)

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Season 8, Episode 15
"Sofa So Good"

This show ran for eleven seasons – it was the first prime-time sitcom to air on the newly launched Fox network n 1987, and remains the network's longest-running live-action sitcom.

Context: Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill) and his wife Peggy (Katey Sagal) are leaving town for the weekend to attend Peg's family reunion. Their son Bud (David Faustino) and daughter Kelly (Christina Applegate) have each faked illness to avoid joining their parents on the trip. Once their parents leave, Kelly invents an enormously implausible story about volunteering to film a public service announcement to combat child illiteracy in their living room, and therefore needs Bud out of the house. Bud points out that Kelly herself is illiterate, and therefore a poor spokesperson, but ultimately buys her story. Once he leaves, Kelly calls to her boyfriend (Gunther) who has been hiding outside. He enters and declares that he was so bored waiting outside, he decided to "take some pictures," (which turn out to be framed paintings he's stolen from neighbouring houses.) He gives them to Kelly, and after we are suddenly privy to the sarcastic thoughts of the family dog, Kelly explains that Bud bought her story about the public service announcement...

Married... With Children

Exegesis: Like the clip from Beavis and Butthead, here is a character that makes the implausible homophonic leap from Mormon to Moron. There are worse associations that could be made, and the reference isn't malicious - at least not towards Mormons. Usually the substitution of "moron" for "Mormon" is a commentary on the speaker, not the religion. This is the case here, where everything Gunther says or does is meant to reinforce the notion that he is astonishingly dim-witted.

As I said about the more plausibly homophonic Family Ties clip, "Mormon" to "moron" isn't the most flattering association, but considering there is actually someone named "Moron" in the Book of Mormon, I suppose we can't complain.
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